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Aesthetics analysis of the style and univers of this european artist

« The style of A. Bielen « by Anthony Antolini
« … Bielen, painter of abstract landscapes and synthesis of a new contemporary symbolism … « 


Andrew Bielen us into a universe which alone holds the keys. Each work offers a « vision-shock », a powerful and always different facet of the universe Bielen. The painter is part of the new generation of abstract landscape.
His painting today is the result of hard work and daily life, years of reflection on the possibilities of abstraction, on the most appropriate expression to his deep feelings. Having spent all filters pictorial experiments, the creator, born in 1956, arrived today at maturity remaining on the right trajectory of his style. A dynamic, personal perseverance, and a result which is now among the best painter in the family of landscape artists « abstractisé » with its own language, in the context of European art.

I Part I – Approaches to the deeper meanings of the work of Bielen

Semantic content of the work;
1 – The confrontation between-Matter Universe and Nature
In the territory of abstraction Bielen operates today, with its cosmogonies landscape at the tip of the lineage of the great European landscape tradition. He successfully bridging the abstract landscape with the expression of a neo-symbolism.
« Between two worlds » hst 80x65cm 2008 – « Under the wing of the dragon » hst.40x80cm 2008
We will highlight in particular, throughout this aesthetic analysis of his work, the process that led to the painter Bielen this breakthrough in the art. With a unique pictorial interpretation of the landscape, Bielen addresses both the distortion of the sign, shape or color. It explores the term schematic analytical elements of the plant, to stage a formulation of Nature, in contrast with other cosmic. The painter has defined a new coherence and makes sense for other visions of the landscape in its treatment abstraits.Bielen modernist and avant-garde landscape is pioneering a new encounter with nature. In an original approach he was able to unite, combine the vegan items closest to us and the most distant cosmic dimensions to bring them into relationship, dialogue, and contradictions of meaning and sign, with the idea of tackling the sense of origin on the one hand and the « finite » other. It marks out extreme creative curriculum landscape. As can be seen on the same painting a vision and a micro-macro-vision of Nature, when the floral wreath between contrast, in turbulent convergence, with the colors of light energy in the astral tumult. Layouts sometimes becoming finely painted graphic lines, to dishes, put into games distances and perspectives, Bielen transports us to the heart of a narrative that « transforms » the real to the abstract.
2 For the extremes of nature gesture landscaper Bielen has become abstract.
Bielen helps us to see, but also to understand what we see does not know that you can not see, and yet built the foundations of our distant past of consciousness. His work is a painting that would act back on space or time. He revisits the present. His act of painting before it caught, conquered, dominated, shapes and impressions from the confines of nature, to come and present it in an aestheticized vision. Reasons abound geometrized harmoniously, in a direction of jets soaring in openwork schematized in thin linearities in stems. Ribbed plots, leaf shapes, simplified, divided, grouped into assemblies, animate the foreground of the painting and make ground. Meticulously both constructed and deconstructed, such ambiguities raised in nearby raw, leafy these are a culmination of the earthly, the ultimate limits of naturalistic evolution in cosmological paradox of deep layers of the table.
In this dialogue between proximity and distance signs and meaning, between fusion generic initial magma and finishes the most fragile of Nature that Bielen us his research. His creative field investigates the dualism of absolute limits of the existing landscape, puts them into tonal resonances in thesis and antithesis narrative to produce an entirely abstract. He then exhales his paintings, these ambivalent, all feelings, all previous questions most of our humanity, we see the dawn of the mystery out of mind, to reach a strength of symbolism, spirituality.
« The spirit of Basil » 2009 hst. 54x65cm – « suprema lex » 2008 hst.46x33cm (with black frame 69x81cm) – « D’jinn » 2005 hst. 38x46cm (73x81cm with black frame) –
I – 1 – The Abstraction of Landscape Bielen. Intuition of Nature, poetry and spirituality.
1 – Paint the tub and the synergy of the material universe-state landscape.
Permanent fusion and color of the material in its original state, until the highest form of links in Nature, the artist questions us, by evoking an allegorical elements of the floral kingdom fragmented. In contrast to the meaning expressed, contrasting signs, contrast of eras, but the continuum, since time immemorial, Bielen painted the timeless path of evolution in fusion, combustion, to the accomplished nature, dipped in light plentiful hot and cold of the origins of the world.
« Suprema lex » 2008 hst.46x33cm (with black frame 69x81cm) – « D’jinn » 2005 hst. 38x46cm (73x81cm with black frame)
His profoundly European abstraction in the landscape reached an osmosis between « cosmicity » and spirituality in a positive translation. The artist has realized a formulation of alpha and omega, the genesis of the universe molten heading up a vegetable nature at our feet under our gaze of men. The tables Bielen date and then take note in the system of technical progress in the pictorial. They position the work in the course Bielen competing schools of abstract landscape other continents such as Asia or the United States. Semantic and semiotic constructions works Bielen, place it at the end of a diachronic which he reveals the news today.
2 – The Land lively and colorful Bielen.
It is apprehended by sensation and emotional impacts. By being able to make us accept a new terra incognita, following his intuition, Bielen has generated innovative mapping and marked the sign-meaning color-a different territory. Celeste, mineral, vegetable, cosmic mergers and high light. Each table brings the proposal of a balanced, or emulsion techniques colorists call a powerful grammar-color signs …. Arc-en-ciel, visions of ghosts, astral and stellar rotate and convulse in scenographies the luminous space. Out of all modes and at all times, the tables are Bielen status of this memory, the memory alive. « Materializing works both archaeological and avant-garde in the heart of our society to progress, technology, one of the essential bases of spirituality is non-cognition of the future …
« Between two worlds » 2008 hst 80x65cm
In turn the plots and graphs delicate sheaves and branches, knots free strokes, lines, superimposed animated as signs of nature land, plant geometrical forms, which sometimes allegorical meaning other morphisms. Nature constructed and deconstructed, and then developed in bundles of rods radiating and managed by groups of fleeting shapes and furtive. Bielen marks the high point of a present, a « right here » before our eyes and give us hope, the ultimate vision of all beginnings and all ends with a new look.
« The Bonfire of the Vanities » in 2008 hst. 73x60cm (110×120 cm with black frame)
I – 2 – Bielen painted felt generic cosmic mystery in a new symbolism.
1 – New contemporary symbolism
For his work, which takes us to the feel of a hidden mystery of nature, through new territories to logical cosmogonic Bielen opens an additional field research in symbolism.
Andrew Bielen has inwardly felt, consciousness, intuition of a transcendent mystery, buried deep within him, whose expression seems to come from the cosmic dawn of time. It expresses a resurgence in his paintings. Convinced of the correct leadership of his way, he travels in an otherwise unknown to us, but familiar to him. He was able to decipher the codes and riddles sensitive visible. He offers his works in various aspects of this perception shamanic practically belongs to him. His aesthetic is expressed from the depths of the historical art of our continent, in a glance turned towards the ultimate limits, in harmony with the sublime « with » spirituality « with the » timelessness « as if It was originally included in its notions of painting, painting in his destiny. Bielen « amalgam » then in a sense « alchemical » anticipation and the future, existing and non-being, good and evil, lightness and strength, energy and nothingness, to confront the magma timeless and the ephemeral vegetation in a paradoxical coexistence, which expresses all the vagaries of mankind. Perpetual torment original symbolic fire, pride and humility branches of leaves of all sacred.
« The Bonfire of the Vanities » in 2008 hst. 73x60cm (110×120 cm with black frame)
« The spirit of Basil » 2009 hst. 54x65cm
We can not remain indifferent, neutral, doubtful, facing work Bielen, it is logically leads to accede to the fact that artistic product. Manufactured aesthetic osmosis Nature and spirituality, landscape and abstract symbolism. Bielen’s painting does not need to win because it is there, omnipresent itself. This exceeds prior to the tastes or modes. The painting becomes culture: « cultural ».
Innovative approach in its intentionality, became permanently indispensable today in contemporary art. The work of the artist, is a logical perceptual set on the canvas to reveal further, touching the mystery by his brush invisible, the impalpable essence of nature, to come by revealing that his paintings abstract landscape and Symbolism can join together in the same speech. That their language is a higher poetic fusion.
2 – In the existing being, of matter to mind.
This imaginary anecdote and color, the borders of a fantastic vision, remains a process of abstraction, a sensible representation dating from the deepest unconscious of the artist. An abstraction even stronger than an interpretation of reality, for here the expression, vision, speech, image, feeling of a real generic substrates anthology from our memory of humanity. Painter foremost, Bielen, has succeeded in phasing set with the fundamental techniques of painting. This for us unveil the secrets of authentic and pure expression of the perfect performance on the canvas. It arises as an extension of the great tradition of pictorial exercise in order to bring a new term today, the synthesis of landscape, abstraction and symbolism classic.
« The spirit of Basil » 2009 hst. 54x65cm
I – 3 Sense Bielen’s work as a social interface.
1 – Reality cultural work and the reference value in society.
Reason-image from the passion, reason, truth that emanates from the love of art. Pictures, paintings, balance due, from a « truth » unavoidable aesthetic, which is demonstrated through an actual pictorial style. Not only works of art existing in the reality of a man, painter Bielen, but his painting is as essential to aesthetic and cultural reality. Reality of the work of art that is born into society and becomes part referring to the company. We may admit the European and international approach of this type of art, in the context of our European cultural heritage, to be positive and advance the art of abstract landscape. The painter of society to an existing design, it highlights a real culture by his act of painting. The viewer in turn, must learn to discern in this painting, in turn, its own references, those who also belong to our cultural birthplace in Europe in terms of abstract landscape. The tables show a progression Bielen, the expression of new criteria for defining artistic landscape.
« Fates » triptych hst.100x20x3 (triptych – with black frame 120x150cm)
« Suprema lex » 2008 hst.46x33cm (with black frame 69x81cm)
2 – Viewers meet the theoretical scope of the work of Bielen. The individual, society.
Leading up to the mysterious glowing in which infinities Bielen invites us into interpretations of flow and energy troubling undertow, viewers can see as many fears arise, fear, anxiety, quickly ousted in favor of a wonder reassuring. The Colorist of Bielen then transmits a dynamic and vitalizing energy which includes the light. The oil painting, in its strength and sensuality allows Bielen, language and the means to broadcast publicly the most internalized felt deep in the unconscious of the artist. Unaware of the painter-medium that expresses the feelings of the collective unconscious. It produces images as much for re-situate the place of the spectator as an individual alone against the infinite. to feel that society and civilization their real contexts.
A contemporary civilization faces through messages Bielen, at its own history, its future generations in the mirror with a future issue of the meaning of life.
« Fates » 2009 triptych hst.100x20x3 (triptych – with black frame 120x150cm)
« Suprema lex » 2008 hst.46x33cm (with black frame 69x81cm)
« The Bonfire of the Vanities » in 2008 hst. 73x60cm (110×120 cm with black frame)

II nd part – Semiotic Approach.

Content of the work in terms of signs and messages.
Please, see Part II nd and full text of the analysis of the work of BIELEN european artist, on this web-site in page  « TEXT OF RESEARCH »


Its grammar confrontation plans, semantic contrasts and oppositions, its ability to modulate levels of readability, the differentials in the possible meanings of the visible based paint in high-level strata of European art. Andrew Bielen This poses today as the indisputable emergence of innovative talent in the contemporary life of art, in memory of this our existing European culture. The pictorial work can be considered belonging Bielen full title to the building construction of the new contemporary painting. Their personality makes them recognize the changing news landscape of our culture, in relation to our own European heritage, as in the case of paintings from other continents, Asia, USA, Africa …
Bielen is mature neither too fast nor too slow, it has gradually drain composite elements of his universe and paradoxical language, for we offer them simultaneously with a consistent talent. This means that Andrew Bielen able to bring its research and work in a high-level control. It can have certainty about the validity and quality of his painting for the future, on the stabilization of his art and an evolution carrier. Realists, impressionists to the symbolists, expressionists through, over the decades and centuries, landscapers have the reputation of our European continent. Bielen dug a deep furrow current and avant-garde abstract painting landscape today. Her pictorial is specifically with the potential to become a powerful model in the international art world.

EDMC Editions Antoine Antolini, 2009

A presentation of works by Andre Bielen was made public in June and July 2009, at the exhibition of his paintings, medium and large sizes, Pole Exposure « Art and Culture Publishing museums and culture (EDMC) to Toulon (Var) held from June 15 to July 11, 2009. Exposure to Toulon (Var) June-July 2009 – « The Stylistics Bielen, Catalogue of the painter Andre Bielen © 2009 EDMC Editions – text: Anthony Antolini, Editorial Director Publishing for museums and culture EDMC – L. Association 1901 for the promotion and development of museum and art – Founded in 1993 – Note to the reader. This text is translated with the support of a translation software, thank you kindly give us any other meaning or grammatical nuance to change. The managment thanked the reader. e-mail:

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